Hi Michelle!!

Oh.My.Goodness!! I felt like a movie star the day of the shoot, and did not think I could feel any more beautiful…but looking through these images, wow! What an incredible job you did of capturing such stellar images!!

I can’t thank you enough! Seriously, I think {my husband} is going to faint when he sees these!! YAY!!

019-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 021-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 002-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 015-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 005-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 010-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 007-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 018-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 023-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 008-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 020-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 003-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 024-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 011-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013 001-Fort_Worth_Boudoir-09062013