Tips to help prepare for your portrait session. While not required, some are just overlooked and are here for a reminder. Please pay special attention to the “day of” section, as these are the most important.

Please do not work out the day before or the day of your session – you will be twisting and bending during the portraits and sore body parts will not make that fun!

Your favorite
His favorite
Something of his: fave team jersey, shirt and tie, hat, something from his hobby, military uniform pieces, sports equipment
Something you feel sexy in: jeans, shorts, a little skirt, corset, sexy top
Something he would love you in: school girl outfit, french maid outfit, apron
Something from your upcoming wedding: veil, your wedding night lingerie, garter

Things often forgotten…
Extra bottoms in different colors (to mix and match, and because you don’t always LOVE the bottoms that come with the main piece)
Thigh highs if you want to attach to garters or just because they are hot…and closed toed heels to go with them

Make sure you…

…before the session…
do not have swimsuit tan lines *
exfoliate your face and body
get your nails done
get your eyebrows done
Cut the tags out (ALL the tags!!!! We don’t want to see them in the shot, not cute)
Remove stickers from bottoms of shoes

…day of the session…
Come with a clean, moisturized face
Brush your lips with your toothbrush to remove dry skin
Come in loose comfortable clothes (that DO NOT leave lines on your skin) to get your hair and makeup done, preferably button up top so we don’t mess your hair up.
Don’t forget to put lotion on before you come and bring it with you to reapply, Texas is pretty evil when it comes to dry skin!!
If you are getting your hair done : come with clean, no product, unstraightened hair
Eat something!

* Notes on spray tanning
If you have never spray tanned before or get uneven results please make sure that you do a trial run before your portrait session. Retouching for uneven and splotchy tans will incur an additional fee.